Gin and tonic cupcakes

I love gin and tonic. It’s just so deliciously refreshing. A friend was having a housewarming party which seemed like a brilliant excuse to experiment with gin and tonic cupcakes.

I looked up a few recipes for inspiration but the first batch I made were a disaster – totally the wrong consistency – ended up all dry and cracked. So I changed my approach … I used my normal basic cupcake recipe but instead of vanilla I added tonic water and lime zest. When the cupcakes were hot out of the oven, I used a skewer to put little holes in the top of the cakes and then brushed them with gin. I let the gin soak in and then brushed again … and again … and again.

I wanted white icing so instead of a usual buttercream, I used part Crisco (vegetable shortening), part cream cheese, with icing sugar and of course the compulsory gin and lime zest.

The cupcakes were a total success at the party!


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