Colourful cupcakes

Keen to try the marble cake effect with different colours, I took advantage of a quiet girls’ night in to celebrate a friend’s birthday to experiment with colourful cupcakes!

I made my usual cupcake batter and then divided it into 5 different bowls. I added a different colouring to each bowl – purple, green, blue, yellow and red. I use food colouring paste rather than the liquid colouring you find in the supermarket – it gives a more intense colour without changing the consistency of the mixture.

Having put a teaspoon of each coloured mixture into each cupcake case, I then used a little cocktail stick to mix the colours a bit so that it wasn’t just individual blobs of each colour.

In the end, I think I probably could have mixed the different colours in a bit more (I think I was worried a similar thing would happen to when I over-swirled the Marble Chocolate Cake) but the cakes were certainly colourful … and the birthday girl enjoyed them!

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