Christian Louboutin shoe

Until now, this has been the most challenging and time-consuming of my cakes. The shoebox was cake and the shoe was made from gum paste. Gum paste is a similar texture to fondant but it dries very hard so it is great for making figurines, flowers, cake toppers, and shoes.

The shoe took about 3 days (well, evenings after work at least) to make because each element – outer sole, stiletto heel, inner sole, the sides, etc – had to dry and harden before the next part could be stuck on. I was basing the design on the birthday girl’s classic black Louboutin stiletto (which she was conveniently wearing on the night!) but I couldn’t find a template for a fully closed shoe – only open toe or strappy. This made it more tricky and there was some definite trial and error involved in creating my own template.

I am a firm believer in detail so I of course included the infamous Louboutin red sole and the little ‘Louboutin’ sign along with pretend stitching on the inner sole.

Considering it was my first attempt, I was happy with how it turned out


Have a look at The Cake Engineer blog for the basic method of making a gumpaste shoe. The end result is incredible – way better than mine! I’ll have to get practising …


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