Brussels Childbirth Trust ‘Small Talk’ magazine feature

BCT Small Talk Sept/Oct magazine cover

A while back a colleague of mine asked if I made cakes. Well yes, I do actually. Why do you ask? She had seen my name in a magazine. The Brussels Childbirth Trust (BCT) publish a magazine, ‘Small Talk’, every two months and the September/October edition had a feature on celebration cakes; in particular children’s birthday cakes.

A few months before the magazine was published I had made cakes for the 1st birthday of a friend’s daughter. I did a lemon buttercream jungle themed cake (with Sophie the Giraffe) for the adults and then a sugar- and dairy-free banana cake for the babies. My friend was so pleased with the cakes that she had recommended me for the BCT cake feature.
Big thanks to Nic for the lovely recommendation!

The 2-page spread with my recommendation, photo and photo credit


Sophie the Giraffe and friends

Sugar- and dairy-free banana cake with fresh berries


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