“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the ceremony known as afternoon tea”

Jammy Dodgers

I completely agree with the title of this post – a great quote from ‘The Portrait of a Lady’ by Henry James.

So when a friend recently suggested a catch up over tea and cake (she knows that if she suggests cake, I will offer to provide the said cake!), we invited a few friends to join us and it soon turned into 13 people for afternoon tea!

Alongside the multiple pots of English tea, I also made a lemon cake with lemon buttercream, a spiced apple cake drizzled with caramel, and homemade jammy dodgers.

Cake leftovers were taken to work the next day and my colleagues are still demanding the recipe for the spiced apple cake, so I will publish that in a later blog post.

The jammy dodgers were sables (French butter biscuits) with good quality raspberry jam inside and a little vanilla sugar sprinkled on top. I used this BBC FOOD recipe. They were delicious !


Spiced apple cake with caramel drizzled on top

I ran out of time so the lemon cake was very simply decorated – lemon buttercream with citrus sugar sprinkled on top. Despite the presentation, it was still tasty.

Lemon cake with lemon buttercream


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