Spiced apple cake

In a previous post, There are few hours in life more agreeable than the ceremony known as afternoon tea”, I said I would publish the spiced apple cake recipe as it was such a hit with both friends and colleagues. Continue reading


Commissioner Potočnik celebrates 10 years of HEAL

(c) HEAL/De Ribaucourt Photography

The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary and I was lucky enough to be asked to make cakes for this occasion. The EU Commissioner for Environment, Janez Potočnik, was on hand to cut the main cake which was decorated with the HEAL logo. Continue reading

A pun-filled cake conversation

When I was first thinking of starting a cake blog and potentially a side-business, I was discussing potential names with my close friends. To get the creative juices flowing, I offered a free batch of cupcakes to whoever came up with my favourite name. I love a good pun so when “For Goodness Cake!” was suggested, that was it – competition over. The winner got to choose what flavour cupcakes she received which led to a conversation between myself and the winner’s housemate. As you can see below, the baking puns escalated … Continue reading

Brussels Childbirth Trust ‘Small Talk’ magazine feature

BCT Small Talk Sept/Oct magazine cover

A while back a colleague of mine asked if I made cakes. Well yes, I do actually. Why do you ask? She had seen my name in a magazine. The Brussels Childbirth Trust (BCT) publish a magazine, ‘Small Talk’, every two months and the September/October edition had a feature on celebration cakes; in particular children’s birthday cakes.

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